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Best Dream

I had the best dream because I met this guy and we were in the pool and he was sooo sweet and funny. And I just realized it was Dominic DeAngelis from YouTube which made it even better. And now im sad because its not real 😭

I get so scared when my friends are like ‘we’ll set you guys up’ about guys. Because I have never had a bf and I get soo worried bc I dont know how to act around guys. It just really makes me insecure because my friends have way more experience than me. I have absolutely NONE.


My friend got all offended when I said I don’t care if people talk to me or not. And she subtweets about me like ‘u may not care but I do’ like wtf dont let shit I say affect you lmao

Ok so I was recommended for an AP us history class in the last semester and now im gonna see if I can drop it because I dont really want to learn excessively about something I dont like. If it was writing I would have no problem because I actually like it. So Connor Franta kinda inspired me to do this. He did not inspire me to drop the class but to do things for myself. Even though it might not make other people happy (hence him leaving o2l made people upset) I learned to start doing things for myself. And my mom isn’t disappointed she said she’s very proud of me for doing well in school. But Connor left o2l to make himself happier and that’s what I’m doing by trying to drop this class. I started having worries about the class and I still have a long way till school starts. So that’s obviously a sign I should try to drop it.

My power just went out and I just carried on lmao